Monday, 29 February 2016

Feature Week : New Book Special - I Sent You a Letter by Lucy Dawson

I am thrilled, here at The Very Pink Notebook, to be running my first Feature Week.  This is where the spotlight falls onto one author for the whole week. 

The book and author in question is the very talented Lucy Dawson with her fantastic new novel - I Sent You a Letter, published by Corvus Books.  The book, available from 3rd March 2016, has proven to be a firm favourite of mine so far this year, so I am excited to be able to dedicate this blog to its publication date this week.

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If you want to find out more about Lucy or Corvus Books you can find them :
@lucydawsonbooks /
@CorvusBooks /

And if you are dying to know more about I Sent You a Letter, here is a little teaser for you :

book cover of 

You Sent Me a Letter

Published by : Corvus Books
3 March 2016

The Blurb

At 2 a.m. on the morning of her fortieth birthday, Sophie wakes to find an intruder in her bedroom.  The stranger hands Sophie a letter and issues a threat: open the letter at her party that evening, in front of gathered family and friends, at precisely 8 p.m., or those she loves will be in grave danger.

What can the letter possibly contain?

This will be no ordinary party; Sophie is not the only person keeping a secret about the evening ahead.  When the clock strikes eight, the course of several people's lives will be altered forever.

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