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Review Policy

Reviews made on here are done for my love of books and are wholly based on my honest, personal opinion.  I am not a professional reviewer.  I will never be unpleasant because even if my stance of the work is not glowing, that is just my personal view, and I will never undermine the work and effort that has gone into any book being written and published.

I will always try and provide timely reviews of new books, and where an advanced copy has been given I will endeavour to publish the review when the author / agent / publisher requests. 

If you would like me to review a book please see below to establish if it is a genre I can help with. Due to time constraints I can only accept books within those listed and reserve the right to refuse if I feel it is not a book for me.  In general, when I start a book, I try and give it a good shot.  My general rule of thumb is to give it at least five chapters.  Although very unusual, if I feel I can not finish a book, I will not review it. 

As well as publishing and promoting my reviews on this blog, I also share them on Goodreads, LibraryThing, Amazon UK and Amazon US.  If you have a particular site you would like a review added to just let me know.  I am also a member of Netgalley and Real Readers.

Preferred genres :

* Psychological Thriller
* Crime
* Legal and Courtroom Drama
* Mystery and Suspense
* Women's Contemporary Fiction
* Popular Fiction
* Historical Romance and Mystery
* Non-fiction (as long as I have specific interest in the subject matter)

Genres I cannot consider :

* Erotica
* Horror
* Historical Factual (e.g. war / ancient history)

I always prefer a physical copy of a book (nothing feels more amazing than holding a real book!) but can accept e-books for kindle.

As well as reviews, I am happy to publish author interviews and guest posts, cover reveals, giveaways and be part of blog tours.  Just contact me via email to discuss.


You can contact me by emailing : theverypinknotebook(at)gmail(dot)com

Rating System

I rate in Pink Notebooks, by the standard 1 - 5 system :

Outstanding in every way.  Hat's off to the author. 
Will relentlessly gush about it to everyone.

Excellent book. 
Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.
An enjoyable book.
Well worthy of a read.
  Will indicated I have struggled with the book in one way or another.
Refer to review.
This book just wasn't for me.

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